Formed back in 2018, Glasgow is an indie rock band from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The group’s guitar-driven hooks, upbeat vibes, and moody atmospheres conveys an ambience that can be uplifting, yet mysterious.

Their first EP, “Claire,” promises a lot of emotion, excitement, chills, and more. Each song submerges the listener into its feelings and themes, unique to each track. Much like their debut single, “Golden Sphism,” the disc contains a lot of fast paced beats, as well as has some chilling synths, twangy guitar sounds, and the Glasgow touch.

Always mixing the analog with the digital, the whole EP has a familiar warm/vintage feel to it but at the same time, has a modern perspective that will be appealing to most listeners.

“It’s quite literally a roller-coaster of emotions and we are so excited to have you along for the ride.”