MÉLOVIN, producer, artist, singer, composer, musician, songwriter, and Ukraine's 2018 Eurovision representative, has officially come out. This news is an important next step in Ukrainian's journey into accepting modernity.

On Instagram, MÉLOVIN posted a video of himself kissing 2 performers on stage during a concert, with the following statement-

"We are strong people. We are not afraid to move forward, feel the rhythm of time and keep up with other democratic countries. But this movement is hindered only by the old relics, which I observed today.

My official coming out, which took place from the stage, was cut from the M1 live broadcast. My video is still not uploaded to YouTube. And all because I showed my true essence. For me, colour, religion, and gender don’t matter, because you need to love a person…

But it seems such love isn’t always recognized – it’s blocked, or simply not aired.

Should the struggle for one's rights and freedoms be censored? If not, I unequivocally support you. And if so, I'm not sure I want to exist in such a future for Ukraine."

Us at RaffaMusica couldn't be happier for the artist, and wish him and others the best of luck in paving this new path for the whole of Ukraine.