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My Ex-Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend

Formed in 2021, My Ex-Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend is a Pop-Punk group spanning from New York City to Philadelphia. The band, whose members range from 18-21, consists of Max (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Micah (Drums), Bailey (Bass), and Kashaun (Lead Guitar).

These 4 take stories filled with raw human emotions and project them out to the audience to create a shared connection. They have refused to put their guitars down in a world where music has become more electronic. By embracing the two, MXGFXBF has combined fun dancing synths and dirty loud guitars to create their own unique sound.


How was your group formed?

Our group is actually formed out of a breakup! Our front man, Max, and our drummer Micah actually dated the same girl a year apart and bonded over their shared experience and love of punk music!

Where did you get the idea of the name of your group?

Micah‘s mom actually came up with the band name because Max is Micah‘s ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, and vice versa.

How is your music written?

Our music is actually written in a very interesting way! Bailey, our bassist lives in Philadelphia, and Max, the front man lives in NYC, so Bailey writes a lot of the instrumentals, along with our guitarist Kashaun, then they send it to Max who writes the lyrics along with some of the guitar tracks!

How would you describe your music to a new listener?

We bring a theatricality to Pop Punk!

What image do you think your music conveys?

We’re a group of guys ages 18-21 so I would say we definitely convey a fresh take on “teen angst” for the post-trump and pandemic era. We’ve all been through that nightmare, so music is a way of coping with that shared trauma

What other bands inspire your music?

Definitely Green Day and MCR are our biggest influences, but along with them I’d say Grayscale, The Wonder Years, All Time Low, The Maine, and Waterparks!

Where have you performed?

We’ve performed all over the tri-state area in NYC and PA! Most recently we played a show at New Old Rock Deli and the Delancey in NYC and The Shirt Factory in Lititz PA! We have a ton of upcoming gigs as well!!

How would you describe a typical day in the studio?

Well, Max is the one writing this so…I usually get a very excited text from Bailey with a new MP3 instrumental and I usually freak out with joy, and immediately start writing lyrics to it. Then all the band members come to NYC or Philly, and we record it!

What are you working on now?

We are currently working on a new record, and we are in the process of recording it right now!

What do you do when you're not playing?

I love seeing Broadway musicals, and I’m an actor as well who was on Broadway in 2020, but COVID put a pin in that…





You can also listen to the band's interview on the Raffa Music Show HERE.


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